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About Carlton Forge Works

Since 1929 Carlton Forge Works has built a reputation for providing creative, high quality, and value conscious solutions through forged high temperature alloy rings.  Today, as a leader in the industry, Carlton is regarded to be at the highest level of quality for every major aircraft engine manufacturer

Carlton Forge Works Aerial ViewCarlton produces seamless rolled rings and open and closed die forgings for the aerospace, gas turbine, industrial, commercial and nuclear industries with one of the most extensive lines of equipment and truly skilled craftsmen anywhere.  Carlton also has additional closed die capability in our Oxnard facility.   Carlton Forge Works manufactures parts from all forgeable alloys.  Principal alloy groups are – nickel, titanium, aluminum, cobalt, zirconium, niobium, and iron.  Carlton forges a number of exotic high temperature metals with special properties.

Carlton uses the most advanced reliable and efficient equipment, including a wide range of cutting edge hydraulic presses and ring mills.  Carlton integrates traditional forging machinery with advanced electronics.  Carlton uses the latest computer manufacturing techniques as well as CAD as part of its engineering power.


We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs thoroughly.  From the time a project comes through our doors we make sure we are completely in synch with our customers’ specifications.  We use the most advanced techniques in a constant and dedicated search for greater efficiencies, and pass the savings along to you.

Improving the value, quality and efficiency of everything we do is an ongoing process at Carlton.


Inventory in the YardAt Carlton our most important assets walk in and out of our plant every day.  Carlton is staffed by dedicated craftsmen.  We provide them ongoing training in an environment that breeds success.

Carlton has developed proven and successful techniques for our people that include a thorough development in the art of learning and how to apply those principles to specific projects.

Simply put, Carlton is a great place to work.  You can see it in the faces of the people who work here.  Eager to be successful.  Eager to see our customers successful.  Carlton is proud of the people who help us meet challenges no one else can handle.

Carlton History and Milestones

•             1929 – Established by Allen Carlton Sr. selling Oil Field Equipment

•             1942 – Allen Jr. Takes over and starts creating gun barrels for WWII

•             1965 – 1st Jet engines part for GE

•             1976 – 1st Radial Axial Mill

•             1982 – C3 1st 8K Ton Press and added Closed Die Capabilities

•             1984 – Added R50 (2nd Radial Axial Mill)

•             1991 – Arcturus (Acquired 1st Closed Die Hammer 50K Pounds)

•             1994 – R180 – Largest Radial Axial Mill

•             1995 – 1 pc WASP LPT Case: Largest Aircraft engine in the world

•             1996 – GE90 Fan Case 140 inches OD

•             2009 – PCC Acquisition

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Policy

It is our policy to conduct business operations in a manner that protects the safety and health of its employees, visitors, and the community. It is environmentally responsible and complies with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

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